As a multimedia graphic designer, I have experience in a wide range of mediums including photography, filmmaking, graphic design, and animation. 
My journey started during high school in the Interactive Media Production program at the Center of Applied Technology South (CAT South), in Edgewater, Maryland. There, I developed a strong foundation for the digital arts and was involved in several projects, which included directing and producing a daily newscast called the CATS Eye, and designing and painting a mural for the front lobby of the school. I was deeply involved with activities that occurred at CAT South, serving as a SkillsUSA officer and as a member of the National Technical Honors Society.  
After I graduated from CAT South in the spring of 2017, I continued my education at Anne Arundel Community College (AACC), where I became a well-rounded individual and excelled in their graphic design program. This led to my first internship at Historic London Town and Gardens. 
At Historic London Town and Gardens, I was tasked to organize and create a crowdfunding campaign to rebuild the missing bar in the William Brown House. This campaign included several promotional videos that displayed the history of the site and the importance of the bar. The campaign launched in 2018 to great success, raising more than $18,000 for the project. 
I graduated from AACC in the spring of 2019. From there, I transferred to University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC) to study animation. The medium of animation fascinated me because it culminated all of the skills I developed over the years. While studying at UMBC, I became an animator for their Commonvision department, where I created animated advertisements for various clubs and events around the campus. I also designed several animations for Commonvision's social media pages that helped grow their followers. Furthermore, as I continued to grow my skills, I was involved in designing a book displaying graduate’s thesis projects, which will help the authors to promote their work professionally. In the spring of 2022, I graduated from UMBC with honors. 
Through these experiences, I have gained the knowledge, skills, and ability to produce a variety of multimedia products. I enjoy working in groups. I am a capable leader, working effectively and collaboratively with a team. I listen attentively and take charge when needed. These qualities allow me to produce new, fresh ideas and create a superior overall product. 
I am accepting work as a freelance agent. Feel free to fill out the contact slip on the contact page with any request you may have.
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